To add a new post, log in and then go to Posts > Add New.

  1. Title = This is the text that shows up below the photo
  2. Body = This is where you can add additional text to go along with the headline, as well as the audio file of the interview. To add the audio file, click the “Add Media” button above this field, then choose the audio file to upload. Large files (8MB or more) should be downsized before uploading. To downsize the file, go to and click “Browse” to select your audio file, then click “Upload” to start the reduction. Once the file is ready, you will see a green download link to download the downsized file. (Note: Technically, you can upload up to 32MB, so if you’re not in a position to downsize the file first, you don’t have to. However, this will use up a lot of resources on the server and could slow down the website or cause loading issues.)
  3. Categories = Choose which category your post falls under. (You can choose as many as you’d like.)
  4. Tags = Here you can add specific keywords if you’d like, such as Messalonskee High School, football, Paul LePage, President Trump, etc. You can add as many as you like, just add a comma in between.
  5. Featured Image = This is where you will add the photo that shows up on the homepage with the title, and also appears as the main photo on the individual post page.
  6. Publish/Update = After adding your post, be sure to click the Publish/Update button to save it. (It will show “Publish” when adding a new post, but will change to “Update” after you’ve published it.) You also have some options while you are writing the post. You can use the “Save Draft” button to save it and finish it later, or the “Preview” button to have a look at what you’ve done so far without publishing it. You can also change the publish date to a date in the future, which allows you to add your post but not have it show up in the interviews section until a specific time/date.