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Click the image below for the Covid guide recommended and edited by Dr. Peter McCullough

Covid home based treatment guide

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas get sobering admission from the FDA regarding vaccines

Dr. Jessica Rose article on vaccination adverse effects (with video)

Dr. Jane Ruby blows whistle on mysterious clots found in bodies of vaccinated people

NAACP article has doctors saying that human life begins not only in the womb but at conception!

Statue of Liberty beef jerky being sold from Maine, starting price $500

A record number of athletes suffering injuries or death over the last year….this is very sobering

Angry leftist plows through Freedom Convoy in Winnepeg injuring participants

A candidate you should know….Kari Lake from Arizona. Amazing videos here!

Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) sounds the alarms on what the corrupt left is planning for our elections

USA government keeps pushing only the vaxx while Japan shows Ivermectin is effective

Protecting children from internet porn on their smartphones…there’s an app for that called “Canopy”

Too many boosters within short periods could hurt your immune system (Bloomberg)

Gun control is all but off the table for gun grabbers

Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s evil assault on parents

Hunter Biden’s corrupt cobalt deal with China

The lame-ass, pathetic, virtue signaling losers of big tech outed

Jab nearly kills American Airlines Pilot and he’s suing….could have been a catastrophe!

Washington state setting up internment camps to detain citizens. Read the DOCUMENT HERE

See where Maine and others stand currently (1/7/2022) in Covid deaths per capita

Alec Baldwin’s bizarre Twitter Rant about Helyna Hutchins, Spenda, they New York Post and Sidney Poitier

Link to our guest, Trent Talbot’s, “Brave Books” website

New Media Research Center progream…CensorTrack with TR

Links for our guest, Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith (Books at Amazon) ( (

UK Study: MORE VACCINATED individuals tested positive than UNVACCINATED

Covid passport microchip is coming “whether we like it or not”

Stephan Kruiser, PJ Media: “Democracy is the Democrats New Code Word for Communism”

Joe Rogan’s interview with inventor of mRNA vaxx technology, Dr. Robert Malone

The end of the pandemic may be near: Denmark

This mask Nazi needs his wussy ass kicked!

More mask Nazis at a Dollarama store

Guide to home-based Covid treatment from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (Promoted by Dr. Peter McCullough)

Dr. Peter McCullough full interview by The Epoch Times (Part 1) (Part 2)

Robert F. Kennedy reveals Pfizer’s dirty secret about vaccinating children

IRS to crooks: You must claim your ill-gotten gain on your 1040 form

Bill Clinton trends on Twitter after the Maxwell verdict

Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, sounds the alarm on “deadly” vaccines

SCIENCE- Jeopardy’s new top “female” winner is a biological male

2021’s top ten under-reported climate flops from Steve Milloy’s

Political idology ends when your life ends….eternity keeps on truckin’

Denmark study appears to show that Omicron is more a disease of the vaccinated

Russia and Putin have stern warnings if the west (U.S.) doesn’t comply with demands

“All Wars are Bankers’ Wars.” Very insightful read.

America’s slimiest liar, Adam Schiff, lies about texts; wouldn’t know truth if it smacked him in his brainless head

Here’s the plandemic all laid out by the Johns Hopkins team including the Ebook PDF

Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

FDA and USPS collude to, allegedly, destroy Ivermectin before people can get it (see letter)

We knew it! Facebook admits that their “fact checkers” use their own opinions…not facts

San Fransisco restaurant staff is “triggered” by police with guns….asks cops to leave

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie causes leftist heads to explode with family gun Christmas pic

Are you ready for another “Commie Accord?” The “pandemic accord” is coming

Interview with Dr. Robert Malone about the misuse of Covid vaccines and edicts (WND)

Lockdown of the vaccinated called for by German doctors

Vaccine or no life saving lung transplant. Man takes Moderna vaxx….dies of pulmonary embolism

Big Pharma and AMA shutting down dissenting docs and teaching physicians how to lie

The never ending corruption through the Biden family’s ties to Communist China

Sorcha Faal says, according to the FBI, Ashley Biden’s diary is the real deal….and she may have been molested by Joe in the shower

Libs trying to shut down small company making “Joe, you know I won” Trump mugs. Check for availibility HERE

Daniel Horowitz: The vaccines just aren’t doing it!

Liberal professor, Jonathan Turley, writes a great piece about the end of shame (enter, Adam Schiff)

Ahmaud Arbery trial now has defendant saying Arbery took his gun and he felt threatened

Children’s Health Defense with good info and pre-written letters to your school/university

U.S. Government to pay illegal invaders up to a million dollars per family to say “we’re sorry you had to break the law to come here”

Donald Trump will finally lauch his platform, Truth Social, early next year. Here’s all you need to know

Yes…white slavery was a thing before black slavery, and nobody talks about it. Find the book, White Cargo, HERE

Important heart study regarding Covid mRNA vaccines suddenly “temporarily” removed See the archived copy here

Prepper food section at

DIY prepper….7 survival foods you can get at the grocery store

27 must have foods for building your prepper stockpile

Prepper food companies that will help fast track your survival supply

Evansville, Indiana, young children accidentally given Covid vaxx instead of flu shot now have heart issues

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson goes to war with public schools over sexual ciricullum that he regards as “filth”

There actually is NO VACCINATION MANDATE but mainstream media outlets could care less as they exist to serve the Democrats

Some inconvenient VAERS data for the sheep that worship at the alters of Biden and Fauci

Top Doc Peter McCollough gets real about mRNA vaccinations

Pfizer whistleblower talks with James O’Keefe about fetal cells used in Covid-19 vaccinations

Sharyl Attkisson has questions about Covid deaths…what you should consider!

15-year-old California boy killed by the FDA approved Covid vaxx

Tucker Carlson speaks truth to power as DOJ comes after complaining parents as domestic terrorists

Cluless, stammering, toothless drunk, Pelosi, is completely clueless

How deadly is Covid-19 for kids? Less deadly than the seasonal flu! From the New York Times.

The downside to masking children from The Atlantic

The case against masking children from the Wall Street Journal

Andrew Yang leaves the Democratic party, becomes Independent

SNL cold open actually mocks Biden and the Democrats

Sky News in Austrailia has a documentary on the Wuhan Virus featuring Donald Trump

Project Veritas get’s frightening admissions from vaccine workers!

Dr. Peter McCullough says “pull the vaccines off the market now!”

Project Veritas whistle blower drops bombshell #1 on vaccines

The ruling class is using fear to control the easily led

Baracks Bold Brash Birthday Bash (with NO MASKS!)

A 2015 peer reviewed study about the danger of “unaffective vaccines” that the “experts” don’t talk about

HILARIOUS virtue signalling…AOC, Ed Markey, others mask up AFTER a call for a group pic at Capitol

Megan Rapinoe cries after US loss as cat and Trump play violin

Here are eight big reasons why Critical Race Theory is a bad curriculum

Tina Forte (Bronx Tina) is running for AOC’s New York seat!


Inconvenient Facts….The Science Tthat Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know (Gregory Wrightstone)
Green Fraud (Marc Murano)
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change (Marc Murano)
False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet (Bjorn Lomborg)
Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters (Steven Koonin)
The Climate Change Hoax: Pathway to Socialism (Lawrence W. Newman)

PLANDEMIC: The use of Covide to kill people and take over a scociety

A CDC coverup on Covid-19 vaccines and autism? Perhaps!

Dinesh D’Souza says the FBI is “grave threat to our national security”

Maine father pushes back against Critical Race Theory in Cumberland (see letter from Greeley High School)

2,OOO aprehensions in one day at a single border crossing

Parents…did you know you can make sure your toddler is sufficiently “woke” before they start school? Here’s how!

Dad and little girl make case AGAINST Critical Race Theory (precious)

Trump unloads on President Biden over the border crisis

Whoopi Goldberg and MSNBC propagandist put border problem squarely on Trump

Kamala shows soldiers no respect while boarding Air Force Two

Kamala Harris apparently thinks border crisis is a good for a laugh

SCOTUS rules on the side of corruption….again….dismisses Trump’s final election case

Transgender activist says that little girls are kinky…unbelievable

Rush Limbaugh’s death certificate epically boasts his G.O.A.T. status

AOC, the brains of the beltway, calls transgender kids “awesome” and says they (transgender females) should be allowed in girls sports

CARTOON CANCELLED! New York Times writer says Looney Toons Pepe Lepew normalizes “rape culture”

Democrats reject GOP plan to deny $1400 stimulus checks to illegal aliens and prisoners…do YOU want this? You’re paying for it!

Quasi Governor Andrew Cuomo says resigning would be “un-Democratic”

The idiot’s brother, Chris (Fredo) Cuomo, called out for saying, “I’m black on the inside”

China warns Joe Biden to loosen restrictions, tow the line

Full of dumb ideas: Why Biden’s “common sense gun safety” is only another “feel good” initiative

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’ speech at CPAC

Federalist reporter, systematically takes Jim Acosta of CNN, apart

CORRUPTION: How the FBI betrayed the Constitution

Antifa spends a weekend rioting in Portland against Joe Biden’s immigration policies

A new bill would make ALL new guns SMART guns…thank goodness we’ve mastered technology

Woke students being taught: Lincoln & Washington were racists; It’s okay to shut down speech you disagree with; Police need to be re-imagined

The leftist war on (young) women is real…those in denial had better wake up and fast

Liberal author and feminist, Naomi Wolf, goes on with Tucker…and warns us all: we are losing our freedom

Patrick Leahy accidently spills the beans about what the totalitarian deeps state’s end game is

Stinging us along? Sidney Powell promises “irrefutable proof” of election fraud

Biden policy overwhelms shelters and further enables human trafficking…liberal Utopia

The breaking point is nearing…Democrats want cable providers to drop Fox, OANN, Newsmax

Clarence Thomas gives SCOTUS a well deserved verbal smack down

Sign of the end of times? River in Israel turns blood red

Wow! To think THIS Merrick Garland was almost a SCOTUS justice…listen to his response to a question from Josh Hawley of Missouri

Businesses that support the gun control (anti 2A) “gun-grab” agenda

Biden making us a “sanctuary nation” is bad…but NOW he’s made us a “sexual predator” sanctuary to boot!

All branches of government, including the judiciary (SCOTUS) now appear to be operating with the deep state

Joe Biden “sings” a duet about “double-barrel shotgun”

Biden’s base mocks him for demeaning them….epic!

Gun rights and 2A crusader, Colion Noir website

Biden has plans to neuter the second amendment at take over America

John Travolta’s Maine digs could be yours for a cool 5 MIL

The Texas power grid failed because of frozen (renewable eneregy) windmills

Gina Carano’s crime has caused Hollywood to HATE her! Her crime? She’s conservative.

Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) says our second amendment it so we can stop tyrants. No wonder they want to take it away!

Texas was too reliant on wind and solar, despite what the mob is screaming!

More great climate change facts from Patrick Moore (formerly with Greenpeace)

Biden called on to fly flags at half staff for Rush Limbaugh

It won’t be long now…the gun grabbers are confident now and the GOP calls them out

Talking corpse, John Kerry, claims we only have nine years to avert a climate catastrophe…genuflects to AOC

Australia realizes what American Pravda doesn’t or is denying….Joe Biden is suffering from dementia

Yes, there is a Pelosi crime family and it may shatter your view of “do no wrong Nancy”

Guns in capitols….who allows them and who doesn’t?

A great role model from freedom.…Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota will NOT mandate masks…says it’s not her place

Nancy Pelosi hires a racist to hunt down “Trumpsters”

Ironic: Chris Cuomo tweets for Texas mayor to resign for calling citizens lazy while ignoring brother, Andrew’s, killing of nursing home patients

Rush Limbaugh’s death a joke for an elected Michigan official, who gets called out

Bob Dole, 97, diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (the same disease that just took Rush)

Biden issues new guidelines that has illegal alien supporters enraged

Preoccupied: Trump Derangement Syndrome hits a new low

Columbia Professors want Biden to install a “secretary of racial justice”

Evil and reprehensible woman (professor) from Maine wishes Rush Limbaugh a painful death

Check out this leaked video of Joe Biden…it’s sad and scary

Tina from The Bronx remembers Rush Limbaugh

Frozen windmills in Texas causing mass power outages in the freezing cold so AOC calls for more windmills

Chinese spy bed mate, Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wants a “white nationalism task force”

Biden tells townhall audience member he won’t look to pay off $50k in student debt and AOC is pissed!

Fox News and Donald Trump remember Rush Limbaugh: loss of a legend

Chinese spy bed mate, Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wants a “white nationalism task force”

CNN’s Brian Stelter remembers Rush Limbaugh as racist and divisive

MSNBC remembers Rush Limbaugh as “polarizing and racist”

Mask Nazi Chuck Todd sees a benefit to people freezing in Texas

They can’t stop stoking racism fires: NYC school asks parents to “reflect” on their “whiteness”

Joe Biden addresses genocide in China…says “it’s a cultural norm”

Dems are hoping to make District of Columbia a state for “single-party rule” purposes

Hey madman! Stay in your lane! Bill Gates, computer guy, wants to force us all to eat fake meat

He’s a machine! In addition to signing a record number of eo’s, Biden cancels more than 65 of Trump’s!

Democrats sneak some abortion funding into the Covid stimulus package

New development: Kamala, not Joe, is talking with world leaders

BREAKING! William Shakespeare now a white supremecist…nothing is safe!

Give me fossil fuel energy and shove your $9,000 per mw/h where the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow, Texas!

If the voters don’t want government control, why did they vote for Joe Biden?

If Kamala’s lips are moving she’s lying

China may be creating genetically altered “super soldiers”

Three censured with more (including Susan Collins of Maine) to come!

Here comes the illegal flood of Democratic voters….GET READY AMERICA!

Head mom spews anti-gun garbage with fellow gun hater, Joshua Johnson, on MSNBC

IRONY = HILARITY: Global warming sucks! Cold Texas weather has frozen the wind turbines!

Hero Chicago cop though he was stopping for a stranded motorist…ends up delivering her baby

Mark Levin rips CNN’s Jake Tapper: “he’s lost his mind!”

A nice payday for Doctor Fauci….A MILLION BUCKS for speaking “truth to power,” whatever that means

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are destroying America and making it a one party government (Mark Levin)

You’ll need a shower after you see Whoopi and Joy faun all over “adorable” Joe Biden on President’s Day

Progressive leftist globalists demand Biden tear down Donald Trump’s beautiful border wall

Antifa and anti-cop thugs block police from responding to emergencies in Seattle

Have no fear, my free speech lovin’ friends….Parler is back online

Resistance be damned….Joe says he will get gun control done…and the anti-gun leftists applaud

God bless the progressive fools….when will they learn boycotts always backfire. GO PUBLIX!

The left LOVES $15 an hour because it “feels good” and sounds good….until you realize cause and effect

Takeaways from the latest in a continuous string of Democratic, hate fueled, “oust Trump” endeavors

At least he’s honest: Bill Gates admits to his own climate hypocrisy

Military occupation, per Biden, will continue in DC until 2022

Evil Dems take yet ANOTHER shot at denying us from choosing Trump again

Happy Valentine’s from the CIA? This is just weird!

Going on a year and Democrat run Portland, Oregon, remains under seige

Cocaine Mitch casts his “not guilty” vote then turns on Trump like a rabid turtle!

Fundamental change? Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi: Congress is “morally obligated” to act on statehood

Death threats and property damage… Trump defense lawyer feels the “love” from the “peaceful” left

Jake Tapper has Maxine Waters’ six (Ewwwwwwwe)

“Moderate” Joe “Mr. Unity” Biden has his sights set on the second amendment. Does he want civil war?

Washington Post leftist meathead encourages progressives to riot if Trump acquitted. Check the rage, buddy!

So Ilhan Omar, how is that police defunding working out for your district, ya mook?!

God is a woman…so sayeth Eric Swalwell of California

Joe Biden remembers Parkland massacre….vows to take action on guns

Remember 100 days of wearing a mask? Now, empty vessel Joe says it looks like the rest of 2021

New Journey PAC leader says young black women should not support or honor Kamala Harris….BOOM!

Impeach Kommie (believe the woman unless she stands between me and power) Harris? Maybe, if GOP takes house (Lindsey Graham)

Trump Attorney Michael van der Veen goes scorched earth on CBS host then rips off his mic

12-year-old boy shoots and kills armed home intruder in North Carolina proving, once again, that GUNS SAVE LIVES

Bill Maher calls out MSNBC for its one-sided spin

Donald Trump responds to Saturday’s acquittal

We knew this way before the big waste of money began but the lefitsts (and some GOP) don’t give a s**t about us

McConnell…typical. From friend to foe in a heartbeat!

“Peaceful” BLM continues to destroy people

Donald Trump issues a very American and Patriotic statement!

DO NOT TRUST China or the W.H.O…..Joe Biden does..but he is a kiss ass

Jake Tapper (Communist News Network) is the protector of. the forever enraged, Maxine Waters

NO! Despite what MSDNC and the Communist News Network told you, Capitol police officer was NOT killed by a fire extinguisher

I LOVE my CZ-75B….but Colt going Czech? REALLY?

Arkansas A.G. Leslie Rutledge, will take legal action to continue the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Ana who? Navarro knows about as much when it comes to politics as I do when it comes to brain surgery. Actually, I know enough to NOT do brain surgery…so I win!

Not a good Friday for America’s Pravda, aka, FAKE NEWS

Racist MSDNC’s Joy Reid keeps comparing Trump rally on January 6th to “peaceful” BLM riots. LMAO. She’s a mook!

Mark Meadows: Donald Trump “plans to stay in the arena.” GOP who voted for impeachment should, “be filling out job applications right about now”

Homicide? Really? Joy Behar would flatline on an EEG

Georgia wife abuser Warnock’s investigation could lead to a GOP majority in the Senate

Mitch McConnell. Sometimes ya love him, sometimes ya can’t stand him. This is a time to love

HERE’S why the left HATES Marjorie Taylor-Greene…because SHE hates gun control!

“Very fine people” was used, improperly, to mislead the ignorant, non-critical thinking progressives. Now, it’s shattered by Trump defense team

Laugh or cry? Looks like Biden’s term will be overshadowed by continued impeachment of Donald Trump because: Dems hate him!

Miss Donald Trump and Kayleigh McEneny yet? Jen “circle back” Psaki refuses to condemn mass murderer, Andrew Cuomo

GOOD LUCK!! West Virginia newspaper going after one-sided, big tech goliaths, Google and Facebook!

The rich Hollywood elites don’t care about “the little people,” aka, US

Ammunition maker: If you voted for Joe Biden, make your own damned ammo…we don’t want your money!!!

Idiots actually bought this guy’s book!!! LMAO!!! Andrew Cuomo gets bipartisan calls to resign following nursing home murders for which he is responsible

Lincoln Project co-founder says “buh-bye” after sex scandal gets out of control

Don’t shoot the messenger: former ATF agent for telling the truth about “evil” AR-15s

Trump will be aquitted, so this is a distraction, a waste of time and a waste of YOUR and MY money. Time to take our country back?

Attorney Alan Dershowitz: the Democrats “blew it!”

If the word “fight” is inciteful, the Democrats are toast…check out THIS trial bombshell

Tucker Carlson knows why the left wants to shut down Fox News

Idiot woman who threatens to sue Gorilla Glue for lack of “not for use in hair” warning, is finally rid of it from her scalp. Can you say, STUPID?!

Gitmo to be closed by Biden? Well, jeez, there’s torture and stuff. They only killed thousands of Americans…go easy, please (Whaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Joe Biden welcomes illegals in the tens of thousands to come…enjoy our country and our money….veterans are happy to take a sidewalk and a tent for you

Crackpot vs. crackpot…Attorney Lin Wood allowed to sue MSNBC racist extraordinaire, Joy Reid

Liberal Professor Jonathan Turley, says it was a good day for the Trump defense

Bitter losers Hitlery Clinton and Stacey Abrams (and more) show the true hypocrisy of the left

How about that….Stacey Abrams lapdog, Raphael Warnock (the REVEREND) under investigation in Georgia

DUI causes Jeep to cancel Springsteen’s “unity” ad…..BOSS FAIL!

Biden has called his commie friends but has yet to reach out to Israel…GOP furious!

Biden continues his transparent sucking up to Communist China

Jen Psaki talks about Biden’s views on Mark Cuban’s National Anthem boycott

Here is mask indoctrination….it should make you feel good because you’re better than non-mask wearers (JK)

Utah becomes a constitutional (gun) carry state. No permit needed for 21 and over

Fort Worth Texas crash video is intense

Joe Biden busted! Proof he’s used the “F” word!

Rare blood disorder from Covid-19 vaccine

Trump attorney, David Schoen, says you’ll be very impressed with the former president’s defense. Time will tell

Rush Limbaugh’s producer, James Golden (Bo Snerdly), issues a statement on Rush’s condition

Inside intel for filthy Pelosi? Husband put $1M on Tesla just before Biden announced “all electric” federal fleet

Lindsey Graham tells Hannity that, after Wednesday’s impeachment session, “not guilty” votes grew

Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes talk about the circus that is “post presidential impeachment”

Jen Psaki: for schools to be open at least one day a week is “bold and ambitious.” HUH?!

Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 127 gun bill is like its author…DUMB

Insane and deadly…the Democrats eying another stupid gun mandate

FLASHBACK (Thank you Cameron)…Katie Worthman lived under Hitler and said this back in 2013. It’s prophetic!

John Stossel’s two part series on the myths of Socialism

As promised on Freedom’s Pep Rally, here’s companion data that comes with the book, Inconvenient Facts. You can buy the book by Gregory Wrightstone here

And just like that, all of the United States is suddenly a sanctuary

IMPEACHMENT: Dems use selectively edited video of Trump rally to bolster their case

Louisiana’s John Kennedy kicks ass when it comes to nominee grilling!

Chestfeeding? We just can’t go far enough to accommodate the trans community

Bitch, bitch, bitch:..Rosie O’Donnell and Alyssa Milano just won’t shut their pie-holes!

Biden’s immigration policy is dangerous for ALL Americans (sheriff)

Trump attorney doesn’t hold back at impeachment trial

CA Governor Newsom should be shaking in his wingtips right about now

Baby Boomers are a dismal failure…the horrible influences we passed on are now driving society (book)

Hilarious ad for Cure Car Insurance during Super Bowl puts “woke” into meltdown mode!

The Dems have a second plan for keeping Trump from running again thanks to shameless Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Government report: $15/hr minimum wage going to be bad for American economy

Man-child gun activist, David Hogg, “checking the boxes” as he put’s together new pillow company to compete with Mike Lindell

New York Dems claim that voter machine irregularities caused their guy to lose an election!

Tom Brady is racist for winning the Super Bowl against Patrick Mahomes during Black History Month (too stupid to make up)

Yet another investigation into Donald Trump by Brad Raffensperger of Georgia. It just doesn’t end

As I told you, just wait and the left will find away to cancel the name “Buccaneers” because….PIRATES!

Yes, there was widespread election fraud and you can see it right here!

Uighur Muslim in Chinese camp tells horrific story of brutal torture

Streaker makes his way down field during Super Bowl

Super Bowl crowd boos Joe and Jill Biden during moment of silence

Illinois school reverses course on “required” sexuality class….state law says they must

Al Sharpton to teach university class for five months, make $48K. Must be white privelige. Wait, what?!

So now Biden’s BLM and Antifa supporters want to burn DC down. That sounds logical

So Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) makes a most AMAZINGLY AMERICAN speech

Everyone grieves differently….Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who just lost a son to suicide, does it by impeaching a former president

Rapper Pitbull gets it and too many ignorant, leftist, Kool-Aid drinking commies don’t!

Idiot squad member, AOC, accuses Congresswoman Nancy Mace, of silencing victims of sex assault (like her). Oh, Mace was raped at 16

Incestuous Ilhan Omar is also in it for herself and her own future well being….what’s not to love (lol)

Lou Dobbs breaks his silence on firing from Fox Business Network

Just, wow. A moving and emotional message to Donald Trump from Rush

Chuckie Schumer should be on trial (Mark Levin)

ONLY if you’re a woman, gay, transgender or climate refugee, Joe wants you here…no questions asked…no papers needed ’cause he’s such a nice guy

Democrats are trying to DESTROY AMERICA! Call your congressman/woman…tell them Communist Sheila Jackson Lee’s bill is UNACCEPTABLE!

IMPEACHMENT TRIAL: Trump lawyers to use video of REAL violence being incited by the left (this should be good)…starts Monday

Jen Psaki still labors at answering questions about her wacky boss’s policies

Jon James has been saying this for more than a year….Trump has lost half his wealth by being President

Like the rest of America…we were duped by CNN reports. Capital officer DIDN’T die from being hit with fire extinguisher

Jen Psaki, Biden’s mouthpiece, is almost as inept as her boss

Black Voices Matter: Vernon Jones of Georgia (former Dem) criticizes former party for demonizing Republicans…they were the party of the KKK

MSNBC insanely dangerous! Nicolle Wallace and leftist panel suggest killing Americans with drone strikes

Congresswoman Nancy Mace stands by her story that AOC lied about her near death experience

Advice for brandy new gun owners from a lawyer…recommended reading

Social media sight, Gab, may get more popular…TRUMP is there!

Lou Dobbs, Trump supporter, gets the boot at Fox Business Channel

SCOTUS may take on lawsuits challenging the 2020 election after all

Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” video. Have you seen it?

THE DEM’S HATE AMERICANS: Majority of Dem Senators want to give OUR tax money to illegal aliens via stimulus

YOU DON’T SAY! Transgender girls maintain an advantage over biological girls (SCIENCE, DUMMY)

ICYMI: January was the most fruitful gun sales month in U.S. history!

Could Donald Trump be involved in a deal with Parler? (returning Monday according to Dan Bongino)

Rick Grenell for California governor? Yeah, that could happen!

Joe Biden’s stolen valor, the sequel

Ahhhhh….Covid-19 is because of climate change….see how they get control? Critical thinking is out the window!

How lovely…the beautiful, classy, mouthy, communisty Kamala Harris on America’s $100 bill. Wait! What?!

CBS’ Gayle King gushes, gets emotional, about AOC’s harrowing story (cue the crocodile tears)

As Jon said…the military stand-down is about ridding the armed forces of patriots…nothing else

Kommie Harris no longer a virgin (LOL)…breaks first senate tie to approve $1.9 Trillion stimulus

New defense chief sees need to root out racists/terrorists so armed forces must stand-down

Could California’s Nazi Newsom be on his way out? Maybe!

Re-election worries cause a few swing state Dems to vote AGAINST stimulus for illegal aliens

Coming…video evidence of “non-existent” voter fraud from Gateway Pundit

Here’s a list of guns for 2021 that CANNOT be sold in Kalifornia

Gun grabber man-child, David Hogg, to compete with Mike Lindell by making pillows

11-year-old transgender girl and her dad create trans bikini underwear that “keeps everything in place.” Awwwwwwe

Guns are bad! Facebook knows this! They will not allow people to see gun “porn”

Well there! Chucky Schumer has found a way to make money grow on trees. ALERT! We’re the trees!!!

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana tells John (Lurch) Kerry to ditch the private jet

“Doctor” Psaki: So, peasants, just because you have the vaccine doesn’t mean you can take off your mask!

Rand Paul is GREAT in this Q & A (on non-A) session with education nominee regarding transgender sports participation

It couldn’t happen to a better (or more un-American) person than Ilhan Omar

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz says he’ll step down if asked to defend Trump at impeachment trial

Dear anti-gunners….you’re going to absolutely HATE these numbers!

Beware! The federal mask cops are out looking for violators. Here’s what you need to know!

Newsmax meltdown on My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell addressed by network

AOC’s near death trauma story was just that….a story!

Watch as proud, climate conscious, GM executive, looks like an utter fool (watch until end)

Ahhhh, leftist loudmouths…what tall tales you tell OR what short memories you have

Ahhhh, leftist loudmouths…what tall tales you tell OR what short memories you have

Newsmax completely talks over and disrespects My Pillow’s Mike Lindell

Donald Trump’s six well laid out reasons why impeachment trial should no happen….EXCELLENT

Jen Psaki mocks reporter who asks a serious question about Space Force

And the evidence points to even CLOSER ties between the US Government and the beginning of the China Virus

So masks don’t work…then they do. Then two are better than one….then they’re not. No wonder we’re frustrated!

A glimmer of leftist objectivity…Joe Manchin opposes $15 an hour minimum wage…for now

Kamala (Kommie) Harris excoriates conservatives as “domestic terrorists” yet she is the same Kommie who bailed out rioters…this one, TWICE!

Colion Noir, attorney and fellow “gun nut,” outlines the idiocy of H.R. 127

Zuck said it…Facebook helped Joe Biden win the election. Is anyone surprised?

Peace out, Liz Cheney. Don’t let the door hit ya!

Typical deranged lib professor wishes death on Trump supporters. Nice guy.

Climate envoy, John Kerry (Lurch) flippantly tells oil workers, “just get another job.” Easy for you to say, Mr. Heinz

Ms. Pelosi it too dumb to realize we already knew this

So AOC….sorry for your past….but it is relevant WHY?
There’s NO reason to watch CNN now that their favorite target, Trump, is gone

Biden allows illegal aliens to cut the Covid vaccine line…No ICE or DHS allowed!

Former part time cheerleader and racist cop hater lands important role in Biden’s inner circle

Georgia GOP sets out to stop dangerous, racist, socialist (failed gubernatorial candidate) Stacey Abrams before she wins an office

They are coming for our guns! Dick Durbin says it’s a “top priority”

Swamp dweller Cocaine Mitch goes after GA Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene

“Unity” is now a joke…Pelosi and Schumer want to pass THEIR stimulus bill without the Republicans

Saved By The Bell star, Screech, is gone (cancer)

Donald Trump gets a well-deserved nomination for a meaningless prize

It’s a sick sick world we live in (disturbing video of a fatal attack)

Repeat the school year: A dose of stupid from Joy Behar

Unions lie while kids die…school age suicides up

Yes….Rob Reiner (Michael Stivic) really IS a MEATHEAD!

Chicago: 21 shot and 4 killed in Lori Lightfoot’s windy city. THIS is an improvement over last weekend

Leftists called Trump a racist/xenophobe for his “Muslim travel ban” and wanting extra vetting. I’d rather be called meaningless names than be dead. Check THIS out.

Megabitch Hillary just won’t shut up and go away!

So Antifa, which has been wreaking havoc for going on a year, is not a terrorist organization? We beg to differ. Take a look.

“Mr. Unity” creating enemies at every turn….going full-on rogue while turning his back on America…and ending wall construction

How do you know Donald Trump is popular? MSNBC says so, that’s how!

Proof the Constitution hating leftists/progressives/socialists/communists want to relieve us of the burdensome second amendment (H.R. 127 text)

James O’Keefe and the Veritas Project strike again…this time, with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

A capital rioter that mainstream media (CNN/MSNBC) won’t make a peep about because….defies narrative

Focus On the Family, a Christian organization, banned for being truthful about biological gender of a transgender Biden appointee

Trans women competing in girls sports ok, says virtue signaling mook, Joe Biden

Maine General in August giving vaccines do donors to the hospital BEFORE regular schmucks? You decide.

Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors, on the Covid-19 vaccine (Video)

Man crashes through locker room ceiling

Jen Psaki not faring so well in press conferences

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace wants drone attack on Trump, supporters

A bill that will destroy the second amendment

A sham impeachment with no evidence, no witnesses (Jonathan Turley)

Traitorous South Carolina Rep, Tom Rice, censured for impeachment vote

Hunter Biden has a new career complete with China ties

Ilhan Omar says Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene must be removed

Cop who was forced to resign for “too many justified shootings,” gets a new job

Neal Crabtree, newly unemployed career oil worker, criticizes Joe Biden’s climate change knee-jerk initiatives

Journalist Andy Ngo flees country after death threats from evil Antifa

Megan McCain tells Democrats who agree with “super mook” Katie Couric, “they can go to hell!”

Wisconsin university says “proper pronouns” more important than grammar! What?!

In the United States, immigrant women have higher incomes than white men! (there goes THAT narrative)

Yes, Gitmo prisoners will be given the Covid vaccine before most Americans can get it….beginning this week

Teacher’s Unions are going too far…showing their desire to give teachers time off, with pay, no concern for students

Walruses fell to their deaths due to global warming and melting ice they told us on “Our Planet (Netflix).” Now, the REAL story is out

All in the family….Maxine Waters campaign lines her daughter’s pocketbook

The Daily Shooter explains in detail how HR 127 would effectively end the second amendment (Video)

How unpopular is Liz Cheney in Wyoming and elsewhere….or how POPULAR is Donald Trump? (MSNBC video)

Dems want to end the death penalty….oh, but keep those baby processing factories funded so momma can do away with her little “inconvenience”

Stephen Miller, former Trump Advisor, tells Maria Bartiromo that Biden is destroying America (Video)

Welcome one welcome ALL! Your freebies await you in the land of promise. Illegals have a free pas to get in as wall construction stops (Video)

Rep. Devin Nunes of the corrupt “swamp creatures” filling the Biden inner circle

Democrats angry at President Biden….“he lied to us about $2000 stimulus checks”