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Unity Woman Records a Love Song for Her Lost Child (Video)

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By Jon James|

In 2005, Erin and Troy Fletcher of Unity were excited to welcome their new baby boy, Liam. The room was ready, the family eager for a this new addition. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Liam, who the couple had already fallen in love with, died at birth. What was set to be a joyous event turned into the most painful time imaginable.

For all the years since, the couple continues to remember little Liam by visiting his gravesite and by reciting a poem that momma, Erin, wrote. She called it, “Little Angel.”

Years later, Erin met up with musician/songwriter Jr. Garritt who saw the beautiful poem as a potential song…so he wrote the music and provided the soundtrack. Erin, who has a beautiful voice, performed it. You can feel her emotion as she softly sings the lyrics, bringing a very personal story to a very public forum.

Erin allowed me to put a Christmas themed video together for the song, as it references the season. I was honored to contribute to this beautiful project and meant to have it up before Christmas….but along came the big storm of ’23 and shut down the internet. However, it’s still the season….and the song is evergreen and sure to touch anyone who has ever lost a child, no matter what time of year they hear it.

Behold, Erin’s tribute to her “Little Angel”

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