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The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020

The answer to the question, “What dog is the favorite?” is always, “Mine!” However, the American Kennel Club releases a list of America’s favorite canines every year, and it looks like the top spot is pretty consistent.

From the American Kennel Club:

America continues its love affair with the Labrador Retriever which tops the list for the 30th year in a row. Just below the Lab, the Frenchie takes the #2 spot, ranking above the German Shepherd Dog and Golden Retriever for the first time. And the Dachshund makes its way into the top 10 this year, knocking the Pembroke Welsh Corgi down to #11.

1- Retrievers (Labrador)
2- French Bulldogs
3- German Shepherd Dogs
4- Retrievers (Golden)
5- Bulldogs
6- Poodles
7- Beagles
8- Rottweilers
9- Pointers (German Shorthaired)
10- Dachshunds

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