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The Good + Bad of Halloween Candy

A recent survey conducted by looked at everything to do with Halloween cand and preferences for trick-or-treaters.

Here are some of the results:

Favorite Halloween candy?

    1- Reese’s (58%)
    2- Kit Kats (48%)
    3- M&M’s (43%)
    4- Snickers (42%)
    5- Twix (39%)

Least favorite Halloween candy?

    1- Candy Corn (44%)
    2- Swedish Fish (33%)
    3- Sour Patch Kids (31%)
    4- Tootsie Rolls (30%)
    5- Almond Joy (23%)

When trick-or-treaters are out, do you answer the door if someone rings or pretend you’re not home?

    I answer it (75%)
    I pretend that I’m not home (25%)

As a trick-or-treater did you really “take one” or did you take more than one/all of the candy?

    I really “take one” (67%)
    I take more than one (31%)
    I take all of the candy (2%)

Do you like candy corn?

    No (56%)
    Yes (44%)

More from the survey HERE!🎃

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