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UPDATE: Maine Warden Service Divers Locate Carmel Man Who Broke Through Ice

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From the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife:

The Maine Warden Service dive team recovered the body of a Carmel man who fell through the ice earlier today.

Kevin Howell, age 51 of Carmel, had gone out for a walk this morning with his four-year-old-son and were crossing a portion of Etna Pond when both of them broke through the ice at approximately 6:30 a.m., about a 1/3 of a mile from their house.

Howell was able to get his son out of the water and onto the ice, and told him to get his mother. The boy ran home, and notified his mother. The mom told the young boy to stay at home, she called 911, and she rushed to help her husband. On her way, she grabbed an anchor and rope and ran down to the water.

Upon reaching the shore, the mom secured the rope to the shore, then went to help her husband, but ended up breaking through the ice as well, and was unable to get out.

Penobscot Sheriff Detective Jordan Norton was in the area had heard the 911 call from the Penobscot Regional Communications Center, and immediately responded to the area. Seeing the wife in the water, he began crawling across the treacherous ice, holding onto the rope, and was able to pull the mother out of ice and get her to shore. He looked for the husband but could not find any trace of him.

Detective Norton got the mom back to the house and reunited with her son. At that point, members of the Maine Warden Service and the Carmel Fire Department had arrived to assist.

Six Maine Warden Service divers and one State Police diver were called to the scene, and once the ice diving equipment and dive tenders had arrived and set up, two warden service divers began diving at approximately 1:40 p.m. this afternoon. The two divers located him a little before 2:00.


The Maine Warden Service is searching for a 51-year-old Carmel man who is presumed to have drowned in Etna Pond in Carmel.

He went missing this morning, Jan. 26.

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