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School Choice Legislation to be Introduced

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Rep. Laurel Libby (R-Auburn) has introduced school choice legislation to address declining student test scores and deficiencies identified by the Covid pandemic.

“An Act to Advance Educational Opportunities for All Students,” will target educational funds where they will best serve the unique needs of individual students by creating educational savings accounts. Maine parents will be able to decide how to spend available funds, including for private school tuition, homeschool curriculum, tutors, or within the public school system.

Rep. Libby says,

Every parent knows that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for raising kids. Parenting methods that worked for one child may be completely out of the question for another child because every child is unique. I propose letting parents decide how best to use their tax dollars to address the individual educational needs of their children. The solution I am proposing has been successful in other states and we have models that can be followed or improved upon here in Maine. My proposal has the added benefit of creating more options for low-income families in particular.

When the legislation (LR 835) is released it will be referred to a legislative committee and a public hearing will be scheduled.

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