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Public Hearing Scheduled for Bill to Ban TikTok

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The bill to ban the social media app, TikTok, on all state owned devices will have a public hearing tomorrow, April 18. The hearing will be at the State House at 1pm at the Cross Building, Room 214.

Read the bill HERE.

Rep. Nathan Carlow (R-Buxton), who introduced the bill said:

My bill authorizes the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services to prohibit any program, application or electronic service on a state-owned computer or other electronic device and directs the commissioner to prohibit the access, presence or downloading of the video hosting service TikTok on all state computers and electronic devices. TikTok is a national security threat; the White House says so, the Department of Homeland Security says so, and Congress says so. It’s time to permanently ban its use on state owned devices so we can protect the privacy of all Maine citizens.

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