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Oil Tank Damaged in Storm?

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The clean-up continues in the aftermath of this week’s major storm. The Maine Management Agency has helpful advice if your oil tank has incurred damage.


If you have an oil tank that has been damaged as a result of the storm (flooding, falling debris, etc.), please contact the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) at (800) 482-0777. This line is answered 24/7 and the MDEP Response Services Division are ready to assess, assist, and clean up oil spills. MDEP also has funding available to help.

Basement Fuel Oil Tanks: If your basement has flooded your basement fuel oil tank may float and may release oil. If you pump the water out of your basement the oil tank can be damaged as it comes back down. It is best to get the oil out of the tank before you pump the water out. If the tank has already leaked and there is oil in the floodwater in your basement, do not pump the oil out onto the ground or into storm drains or ditches. Oil floats on water so if you have to pump water out of your basement, stop pumping before the oil reaches the pump.

Outdoor Fuel Oil Tanks: If you have an outdoor fuel oil tank that has been damaged by the storm call MDEP at (800) 482-0777. It is best not to touch the tank because you could cause an initial oil spill or you can cause more oil to be released if a spill has already started.

Maine DEP has Responders staged Statewide ready to assist. Because of the impact of this storm, please understand that it may take a little extra time for Responders to get to where you are. When speaking to dispatch at the number above, provide detailed information and MDEP Responders will help.

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