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National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Today, Sept. 20, is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. What do you think is the #1 pizza topping in Maine?

According to a new survey from, #1 might be a bit of a suprise. Nationally the top topping is pepperoni, but in Maine it’s bacon!

Top 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings in Maine:

    1- Bacon
    2- Pepperoni
    3- Chicken
    4- Sausage
    5- Peppers
    6- Mushrooms
    7- Ground Beef
    8- Tomatoes
    9- Onions
    10- Jalapenos


Pepperoni is the overwhelming favorite across the US with an average Google Trends score of 71.62 out of a possible 100 and is the most popular pizza topping in 29 US states. In second and third place are Bacon and Sausage who have scores of 67.58 and 66.48 and are the number one topping in 11 and 5 states, respectively.

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