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Mother’s Against Drunk Driving Maine License Plate

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The Maine State Police and the Maine State Troopers Foundation have developed a new commemorative license plate to benefit MADD.

The Maine State Police and Maine State Troopers Foundation annually team up to raise awareness and funds for non-profit organizations. For 2023, they chose to design a Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) plate, to help raise awareness about impaired driving. The organization aims to stop this dangerous activity and support those who are affected by it. 

Bob Garguilo, MADD New England Executive Director:

The problem of impaired driving is not going away. Drunk driving is still a 100% preventable crime, but the number of fatalities related to impaired driving has increased significantly in recent years across the country. Traffic crashes are a deadly and costly threat to Maine families and visitors to the state.

Last year in Maine there were more than 1,200 impaired driving crashes resulting in 46 fatalities and more than 2000 personal injuries.
Col. William Ross of the Maine State Police:

Driving impaired is a reckless and dangerous choice that puts everyone on the roadway in danger. Driving impaired is also a serious crime law enforcement officers in Maine do not take lightly. Plan ahead, don’t drink and drive and have designated driver to get you home safely.

Bureau of Highway Safety Director Lauren Stewart:

Impaired driving crashes are not accidents, but rather choices. There is a proper time and place for everything, and if you are using alcohol, cannabis, illegal drugs, or even impairing prescription drugs, the responsible choice is to not get behind the wheel.

The plates have been authorized to be displayed on Maine State Police cruisers for the month of June.  They will be auctioned off by the MSTF at a later date to raise funds for families who had been impacted by drunk driving crashes.

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