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Maine Attorney General Warns of Paving Scams

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As the weather warms, the Office of the Maine Attorney General warns consumers to watch out for paving scams. They have received many reports about too-good-to-be-true paving scams that end up costing consumers hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

How the scam works:

A seller of paving services comes to a consumer’s door, claiming that they just finished a nearby paving job. They offer to pave the consumer’s driveway at a discounted rate using leftover asphalt. The paver then gives a low estimate—or no estimate at all—and begins paving the driveway without providing a contract. After the paver completes the paving job, they will demand a much larger payment than the original estimate. In some cases, the paver will have paved a larger-than-agreed upon area to justify the increased price. In other cases, the paver might use intimidation or threats to get consumers to agree to the increased price. After the paver leaves, the consumer often notices that the paving job is incomplete or shoddy. The consumer has now lost thousands of dollars and ended up with a bad paving job.

More about this scam and what you can do HERE.

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