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Lifeline Loans to Cover the Property Tax Bills of Older or Disabled Mainers

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Governor Janet Mills announced today that her Administration is launching the State Property Tax Deferral Program. It’s a lifeline loan program through the Governor’s Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan that can cover the annual property tax bills of eligible Maine people who are ages 65 and older or are permanently disabled and who cannot afford to pay them on their own.

The loan program will allow Maine’s most vulnerable community members to age in place and ensure that property taxes are still delivered to municipalities. The program requires repayment of the loan once the property is sold or becomes part of an estate.

As increasing home values burden Maine people on fixed incomes, an initiative of the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan will help pay property tax bills for Maine seniors and those who are permanently disabled

According to Gov. Mills:

Older Mainers and those with disabilities deserve to live and age in the comfort of their homes without worrying they’ll lose them because they can’t afford the property taxes. This program through my Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan provides folks with the peace of mind that they can age safely and securely in their homes. My Administration will continue to work with the Legislature to address property taxes, increase the availability of housing, and ensure that all Maine people, regardless of age or income, are able to have a safe, stable place to call home in our state.

More on the program here.

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