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Governor Mills Introduces Supplemental Budget Proposal

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Governor Janet Mills today, Feb. 14, introduced a supplemental budget proposal that she says invests in urgent needs to support Maine people while saving money to preserve the state’s long-term fiscal health.

The Governor’s proposal, which is balanced as required by the Maine Constitution, funds previously announced initiatives to address urgent challenges, like housing, education, health care, the opioid epidemic and more. It also proposes saving $107 million to protect the State’s long-term fiscal health as other states face budget shortfalls.

Gov. Mills said:

This proposal strikes the balance between making timely investments to address urgent needs – like public safety, mental health, housing, education, and health care – and saving money to ensure that our state continues to stand on strong fiscal footing in the future. I look forward to working with the Legislature in the coming months to arrive at a budget that protects our fiscal health and that makes prudent investments to support the health, safety, and welfare of Maine people.

More on the supplemental budget proposal HERE.

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