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Get Ready for Father’s Day: What Dad Really Wants

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Just over 3/4 of all Americans say their favorite part about Father’s Day is spending time with family.

According to a recent survey conducted by, 71% of people plan on celebrating Father’s Day this year.

What does dad really wants on his special day?

  • 39%: Breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner with family/friends
  • 21%: Experience (ie., sporting event, concert, etc.)
  • 20%: Gift card (20%)
  • 16%: Greeting card/acknowledgment “I’m doing a good job.”
  • 16%: Technology (ie., TV, phone, etc.)

By the way more than half of all dad’s say that a gift isn’t even necessary.

If you want to stay on your father’s good side through the weekend, keep these in mind… Dad’s biggest pet peeves?

  • 31%: Leaving the lights on
  • 21%: Someone stealing the TV remote/changing the channel
  • 19%: Thermostat too high/low
  • 15%: Dirty dishes in the sink
  • 14%: Doors being kept open

See the complete survey HERE!

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