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From Hallowell to Hollywood and Chants of ‘JULIA, JULIA,’ Maine’s Julia Gagnon Keeps Wowing America (Video)

by Jon James|

As American Idol rolls on, the talent is shining and getting better and better every week in both singing and stage presence. They are mostly ALL world class performers, in my humble opinion.

As in past weeks, the judges seemed awed and moved by Julia Gagnon’s performance. This time it was Fantasia’s “I Believe” which, as with pervious song choices, she nailed.

One of the great things about Julia is, of course her singing but, also, her ability to FEEL the words she is singing. To me, this separates the good ones from the great ones.

Indeed, many major artists have made it on their voices alone but it’s a much more memorable performance when the singer is actually moved by the words they’re singing. They are, quite literally, telling a story and feeling, not just performing, the lyrics.

Does this mean Julia Gagnon’s going the be THE American Idol? I sure hope so! She has what it takes! But, there are other very talented people sharing the stage. Julia knows that and I have no doubt she respects all of them. She seems like that type of person, which speaks highly of the young woman she is.

One of the people she shares the stage with is Emmy Russell, granddaughter of late, great country icon, Loretta Lynn.

This week, she performed a song she wrote called, “Want You,” a true story about a love lost and a beautiful song, the video of which I’ve included here.

What struck me about this performance was Lionel Ritchie’s comment, which is not seen on the video. He told Emmy, “that’s a hit record!”

Wow. That’s a powerful statement coming form a megastar like Ritchie.

Yes, I want Julia to win…but for entertainment purposes, the great performers who will be left after the next cut will, undoubtedly, make the show worth watching until the end.

So let me chime in…..”JULIA-JULIA-JULIA-JULIA!”


Julia Gagnon of Cumberland sings “I Believe” and the audience chants her name as she breaks down in tears

Emmy Russell’s original, “Want You” (Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter)

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