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Deer Gets Early Start to Black Friday Shopping in Rockland

The Rockland Police Department says they were met with a big surprise when they found a deer had smashed it’s way into a store on Thanksgiving.


On Thanksgiving Day, at approximately 1:00PM, Rockland Police responded to an alarm call at a local retailer.

Upon their arrival, they found a large front glass window smashed out and items knocked over inside. Rockland Police were assisted by officers from other jurisdictions and quickly secured the entry and exit points; before beginning their search of the building for the burglar(s) who were still suspected to be inside the store.

While clearing the building, officers were met with a fawn-tasic surprise, and caught like deer in the headlights, when they found the suspect was in fact a white tail deer; possibly trying to get a head start on some black Friday shopping…

Officers assisted store management with herding the animal outside. Fortunately, the animal was able to leave the building on its own and was not seriously injured.

Posted by Rockland Maine Police Department on Friday, November 24, 2023

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