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8 Species Added To Maine’s Endangered +Threatened Species List

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Eight new species have been added to Maine’s ‘Endangered and Threatened Species’ list, including five birds, one bat, one bee, and a beetle.

Two of the species, the saltmarsh sparrow and Ashton’s cuckoo bumble bee, are listed as endangered, and the other six as threatened. These additions, approved by the Maine Legislature, became official on October 25, 90 days after the end of the last legislative session.

Commissioner Judy Camuso of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:

Maine is known for its abundance of wildlife, but some species of wildlife are in danger of disappearing from Maine’s landscape. The addition of these species to the state’s endangered and threatened list will provide additional protections which will aid in their recovery.

There are fifty-seven species that are now either listed as state threatened or endangered in Maine. This status affords extra protections under the Maine Endangered Species Act, which prohibits collection from the wild, take (killing), harassment (injury or significant disruption of natural behavior), and other harmful activities that might cause extirpation. Additionally, Maine’s Endangered and Threatened species are prioritized for increased survey, research, and recovery efforts by the Department and our conservation partners.

The Maine Endangered and Threatened Species Listing Handbook covers all aspects of the Department’s Endangered Species Listing process, including both regulatory and policy level components.

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