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72-Year-Old Penobscot Woman Rescued

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Warden K9 Storm and Game Warden Chad Robertson located a missing 72-year-old woman this morning, May 23, after she had wandered away from her home on McCaslin Road yesterday afternoon.


Marjorie May, who battles memory loss, was found by Storm and Robertson disoriented, cold and missing a shoe near the shores of McCaslin Stream over two-thirds of a mile from her home at approximately 9:30 this morning. Due to the thick woods and distance from her home, she had to be transported out of the woods by canoe first, then by boat, to emergency medical personnel waiting for her at the outlet of Wight pond.

After searching through the night last night, Warden K9 Storm and Game Warden Robertson were searching another designated area on the eastern side of the stream this morning, when Storm indicated on a scent, then raced further ahead, and started barking. Robertson yelled out Marjorie’s name, and she hollered back to him.

Once he got to her, Robertson gave her some water and food, gave Storm his favorite toy, and completed a quick medical assessment. Even though she could stand and was becoming more coherent as she warmed up and had some food, it was clear she didn’t have the strength to walk back to her house.

After talking with two local Registered Maine Guides who had offered to help, and who hunted and fished the area extensively, a decision was made to take Marjorie out of the woods by canoe and boat, instead of carrying her on a stretcher through the thick woods.

John Altman of Brooksville, and his son William Altman grabbed their boat and canoe, then along with Game Warden Chris Roy, launched the boat at the outlet of Wight Pond and traveled two miles by boat towing the canoe to the mouth of McCaslin Stream, then paddled another mile up the stream to where Marjorie was waiting with game wardens and other rescue personnel.

After being outfitted with warmer clothes, a life jacket and dry shoes which were brought to her by her nephew and game wardens, Marjorie was loaded into the canoe, and was paddled back down the stream by Warden Roy and William Altman, where she was then loaded into the boat, and driven back to the boat ramp by John Altman. Upon arriving at the boat launch at the outlet, Marjorie was examined by medical personnel, cleared to go home, and released back to her family and taken home.

Marjorie had gone missing yesterday afternoon around 3:45, and after family had searched and were unable to locate her, they contacted the Maine Warden Service, who started searching at approximately 8:30 last night.

Game Wardens searched through the night last night on foot and with K9s. Some of the K9s logged nearly 20 miles searching. Game Wardens also visited and interviewed neighbors seeking information. This morning, a Maine Warden Service plane was launched and was searching the area when Storm located Marjorie.

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