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7 Coolest Summer Towns in Maine

Do you think your hometown is cool? Here’s a new list proclaiming these seven town as the “Coolest” in the state to visit in the summer?

  • Bar Harbor
  • Camden
  • Damariscotta
  • Greenville
  • Rockland
  • Swan’s Island
  • York

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Maine stands out as one of the most rural states in the country. The reason for exchanging a bustling life in the city for a more relaxed life in the countryside becomes evident to those who visit: Lush forests, sweeping hills, and cool rivers and lakes await, with endless opportunities for exploration. Among these forests, lakes, and hills lie a plethora of small towns where some families have lived for generations. As summer approaches, these towns burst into life, drawing tourists from across the globe eager to experience their relaxed, laid-back lifestyle.

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